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About Nirmal Padmashali Sanstha

The beginning of Nirmal residents coming to Mumbai was driven by their desire to earn bread and butter. In those days the country was yet to receive independence, our people started residing in Lower Parel area and chose to work in cloth mills. During the period the mill owners were preferred to provide jobs to our Telugu people. Apart from Nirmal residents, people from neighbouring districts were also started residing in areas like Lower Parel, Worli, Prabhadevi, Kamatipuram etc to live their life doing their own chosen services.

Now lets begin the subject, Nirmal resident Shri Adepu Lachhanna, Samal Dharmayya, Pichika Buchhanna, Guddetti Nadipi Narsayya, Regunta Rajanna, Bitlingu Muthanna, Vasala Narsayya, Mittapalli Ramulu, Regunta Haranna, Bitling Saidanna, Bitlingu Enkanna and along with other elders while working in cloth mills had decided upon establishing a Pandi for which Shri Adepu Lachhanna had contributed a core role.